We Are Here When You Need Us

The lawyers of Dwyer & Coogan are committed to your case.

These are unprecedented times. It is difficult for any living American to find a comparison. On one hand, we all face the serious risk of infection by a rampant virus and on the other, the economy has ground to a trickle due to social restrictions and business closures. While COVID-19’s mortality rate is not extraordinarily high, it is high. And even those who survive a bout of the disease suffer serious symptoms and often require intensive medical care. But your lawyers are here when you need us.

Access to the Courtroom is the only real protection of your rights.

In the midst of this chaos, one of the pillars to the social contract in the United States, the Court system, is virtually closed. The ability to resolve civil disputes fairly and just administration of criminal law are a foundation we all depend on. This is a reality that lawyers do not contemplate. We take for granted that we can bring our client’s case to court. Our advice to you is based upon the backbone of a judge’s ruling. Faith in the system depends on it being there.

But the system is not completely shut. The Cook County Court’s severe restrictions offer some relief. And all of this is temporary. The same is true for the other Illinois counties where we represent you. That is why we are here. Your primary concerns right now are the health and safety of your families, seeing to it that you can pay bills, and stocking your home for the duration. But injuries still occur. And your cases remain open. And we will guide you.

When the time comes to call us, you can reach us. If you have questions about your case, you will be able to get in contact with our attorneys. We will guide you through the new procedural landscape in place. And, above all, we are here to meet our responsibility to counsel you about all of the unusual and unprecedented challenges that the system is going through. Our job is to see your case through resolution. We remain committed to doing so.

Please reach out to us about your injury questions. Please feel free to contact us about your case when you are ready for an update.

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