The lack of coherent information combined with social media rumor mills led the Illinois Liquor Control Commission to issue a stern rebuke regarding the greatly exaggerated claims that alcohol sales were banned, being banned, partially banned, etc., today. The misinformation sparked the following rebuke:

ILCC - Notice Liquor Sales Continue

ILCC – Notice Alcohol Sales Continue

Additionally, to clear up some misconceptions about what bars and restaurants can sell to go, the ILCC also put out a bulletin regarding pre-mixed drinks or cocktails. In short, it is not OK to sell pre-mixed cocktails “to go” or for delivery. That’s pre-mixed drinks in non-original containers for off-premises consumption. The guidance notes that growlers and crowlers under 235 ILCS 5/6-6.5 are the exception to Illinois’s general ban on retailers selling containers with alcoholic liquor not in its original packaging, and also cites to sanitation and health concerns. It also makes clear that the ILCC believes this is a state law that would preempt a different policy or statute at the local level which may seemingly authorize such sales.

Perhaps we’ve got a new item for bars and restaurants to lobby for.

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