Divorcing with children is an entirely different situation than if you did not have children. Having children when you get a divorce means you have to deal with a different set of concerns and make even more decisions than if you did not have children. Parents often know how a divorce will affect themselves, but what they worry about is how the divorce will affect their children.

The effects that a divorce has on children manifests differently in each child. Some children may be minimally affected, while other children will have a harder time coping with the stress of the divorce. Getting a divorce does not mean that it will have lasting effects on your children, as long as you are able to help your children through the process. To do this, you must be able to recognize signs that your child is having difficulty coping.

Changes in Sleeping Patterns or Behaviors

When a child has difficulty handling stress in their lives, this can often manifest in a range of sleeping issues. Your child’s sleeping patterns may change. They may have difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep. Younger children might regress to behaviors such as wetting the bed or wanting a pacifier. Night terrors are also common in younger children who cannot cope with stress. Older children may exhibit an increased need for sleep or they may not sleep enough.

Uncharacteristic Behavioral Issues

One of the most common ways children react to stress is by acting out. It is not uncommon in the slightest for children to misbehave as a reaction to stress. If your child does not typically misbehave or have behavioral issues, you may notice these occurring. If your child occasionally has behavioral issues, you may notice more frequent or intense outbursts. Other behavioral changes can also indicate that your child is having trouble. This can be something as simple as an outgoing child suddenly becoming disinterested in socializing or a polite child becoming rude and mean.

Physical Illness

Every now and then it is expected for children to be ill. If your child has been frequently complaining of issues such as stomach aches, headaches or fatigue, this could be a sign of difficulty coping with stress. When this occurs, it is likely that your child is experiencing a form of somatoform disorders. This just means that mental or emotional stress manifests as physical symptoms.

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For some children, managing the stress of a divorce can be difficult. Fortunately, there are things that you, as a parent, can do to help your child. One of the most important things you can do is to ensure your divorce is as uncomplicated and as stress-free as possible. At Weiss-Kunz & Oliver, LLC, our goal is to help you complete your divorce with minimal disruption in your life. This will not only help you and your spouse handle the divorce, but it could also help your children cope with your divorce as well. To schedule a consultation, call our Elmhurst, IL divorce attorneys today at 312-605-4041.







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