Many people who are hiring a lawyer are hiring one for the first time and are thus not familiar with the profession and its specialties. There are criminal lawyers, divorce lawyers, corporate lawyers…and a lot more…but when you need a personal injury lawyer in Joliet, you need a lawyer who can do that job the best. Here are some questions to ask before hiring a personal injury lawyer.

First of all, ask about fees

It is important that you and your personal injury lawyer in Joliet get to know each other so you can both work well together. The first thing that you will want an answer to is whether or not the law firm will charge you a fee. Most often, lawyers promise that you only pay when you win, but it is still a question to ask about. How does the law firm get paid if you don’t win, and will any expenses or other fees come your way? It is also a good idea to ask around to find out how this agency’s fees match those of personal injury lawyers at other firms.

Secondly, ask about their successes and failures in the past

Ask if they have ever tried cases like this one before. Have they had any experience with cases involving personal injury? Most importantly, does the personal injury lawyer in Joliet have any interest in this type of case? This will give you some idea of whether or not they will be dedicated to you.

These questions also speak to experience. If you and your personal injury lawyer in Joliet have to go to trial, does this lawyer have the experience to represent you? Do they have a strong success rate? You don’t want a lawyer who will push you to settle too early, but one who is ready and willing to go to trial armed with as much information as they can get to lead you to the best outcome.

Thirdly, ask about their experiences with other clients and their relationships with other law firms

Will they allow you to talk to other past clients? Do they have reference letters to give? You will also need to know how busy they are and how many referrals they get from other firms. Can they give your case the amount of time that it needs, and are they respected enough in the field to take clients from their peers? Do they know their stuff? This questioning will also tell you if the personal injury lawyer in Joliet has enough time to give you.

Fourthly, ask if they believe in your case

Does the personal injury lawyer in Joliet think you have a chance to win? What will you get out of this if you don’t win? How long do cases like this usually take?

Finally, what do they expect you to do while they are working for you?

Can you attend meetings? Be involved? Will you have information to gather, or is it best to sit quietly and wait for your personal injury lawyer in Joliet to get back to you?

When you are hiring a personal injury lawyer, you want the lawyer who can do the best job, but also a lawyer who can work well with you. Talk to Cassian & Carter LLC, your personal injury lawyers in Joliet, and ask these questions.

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