ISBA members:

The health and safety of our members and staff is of the utmost importance to the ISBA. While developments related to COVID-19 continue to unfold, the ISBA is closely monitoring a variety of public health sources. In light of Friday’s Executive Order, the ISBA’s offices will be closed through April 7, but staff will continue to telecommute and member services will remain uninterrupted. We will not be having any in-person events, in-person CLE, or in-person business meetings through April 30.

During this time, the ISBA will be providing information and practice resources to assist our members as they continue to provide essential services to their clients and maintain some measure of economic stability for their families and employees, consistent with the Executive Order and best practices. Additionally, the ISBA is taking the following measures:

  • An informational page about COVID-19 has been created on the ISBA website. The page contains information and updates about ISBA business meetings, CLE, events, and programs, as well as links to publicly available resources.
  • A page outlining judicial information, closures, and orders has been created on the ISBA website.
  • A page aggregating publicly available mental health resources has been created on the ISBA website.
  • A new program has been launched to provide 10 hours of free CLE to all Illinois attorneys, regardless of their ISBA membership status. These programs will be available to members and nonmembers alike, and will have no impact on the 15 hours of free CLE per bar year that is sponsored by the ISBA Mutual Insurance Company and included as an ISBA membership benefit.
  • A new community on ISBA Central has been created to facilitate member discussions related to COVID-19. This new ISBA Central community will be open to all members, and all members will have the ability to join this community at no cost. Instructions for how to join and participate in this new community will be sent via email to all members in the coming days.
  • Posts related to COVID-19 from members’ legal blogs will continue to be highlighted on Illinois Lawyer Now, and distribution of the Illinois Lawyer Now Digest email may increase in frequency over the coming weeks.
  • E-Clips will continue to be the ISBA’s main vehicle for disseminating information to members on a daily basis.

These are trying times and I urge all members to stay safe as you continue to provide the essential legal services that your clients and the public need. As always, the ISBA is here to assist you in that effort.


David B. Sosin
ISBA President