Coogan on the Ben Joravsky Show Talking COVID-19

Ben Joravsky hosts an informative and entertaining daily podcast discussing politics and the news of the day.

Our Jim Coogan Speaks with Columnist and Host Ben Joravsky about the Courts and Elections Law in the COVID-19 Era

The Ben Joravsky Show is a daily podcast where host, Ben Joravsky chats with public officials, journalists, lawmakers and newsmakers about the issues of the day. Jim Coogan has been a regular guest, discussing law and policy. This month, the most pressing issue facing the entire world is the spread of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus. Ben and Jim discussed how the law is dealing with personal and business freedoms and operations in the midst of this crisis. This included the problems facing the Court system. They also discussed the Illinois primary elections and November’s general election.

Listen in for a few laughs in the face of all the seriousness of the day.

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