As COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, spreads across the United States, many people are starting to feel the effects. Dozens of cities and states have ordered the shut down of non-essential businesses in an effort to “flatten the curve” so to speak. Officials have also started to issue stay-at-home orders requiring citizens not to leave their homes except for life-sustaining or essential activities.

Illinois was one of those states, issuing a stay-at-home order that became effective March 21. Because of the stay-at-home order and the business closings, many people have been laid off without pay, putting stress on their financial situations. Many people, especially those who have children, have been concerned about how these closings and stay-at-home orders will affect their family situations. Child support is required to be paid by law, but what happens if you are laid off without pay?

Can I Change My Child Support Order?

Typically, a child support order is only eligible for modification every three years or if there is a “significant change in circumstances.” This is a broad interpretation and does not have a set definition, so a variety of situations can be eligible for a modification. Most commonly, a change in the non-custodial parent’s income is cause to re-evaluate child support orders.

During this Coronavirus pandemic, times are tough for everyone. If you have been laid off from your job without pay or you have had your hours significantly reduced, you may be eligible for a child support order modification. Our team of attorneys at Weiss-Kunz & Oliver, LLC can help by immediately filing a motion to modify child support. Because all non-essential businesses have been ordered to cease operations, this includes court proceedings. While we may not be able to schedule a court hearing right away, we can file a motion to seek retroactive relief for your child support payments.

An Elmhurst, IL Child Support Attorney Can Help

With all of the business closings that have been ordered across the state, residents have begun to feel the tension it has been placing on the finances of certain “non-essential” workers. If you have been laid off or you have had your hours cut because of the Coronavirus pandemic and are unable to pay your child support, you should speak with a DuPage County child support lawyer right away. Our team at Weiss-Kunz & Oliver, LLC is here to help in any way we can during these uncertain times. To schedule your consultation, call us today at 312-605-4041.




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