People who hold commercial driver’s licenses (CDL) are typically held to a higher standard than that of your everyday driver. This is because the types of vehicles that commercial drivers typically drive are much larger and heavier duty than normal vehicles. To get a commercial driver’s license, applicants must go through a rigorous process that involves passing a written examination, having a specific number of practice hours and then passing a driving test. When a person holds a CDL, they must be careful not to commit any missteps because they could not only affect their employment but their entire future. Here are a few common mistakes that CDL holders make:

  • Not making sure your vehicle is serviced adequately. Sometimes, truck accidents are not necessarily caused by something the driver did or did not do while on the road. Sometimes accidents can be caused by improper maintenance procedures. The state of Illinois requires certain routine maintenance to be conducted by truck drivers and mechanics to ensure a safe vehicle.
  • Following other vehicles too closely. Especially for new CDL holders, gauging the stopping distance needed for a commercial motor vehicle can often be tricky. Following other vehicles too closely can be dangerous because you may not always be able to stop in time if they break. CMV’s often need more time to stop because of their large size.
  • Driving while you are drowsy. Driving while you are tired is not technically illegal, but it is a type of impaired driving. If you are operating a CMV while you are sleepy, you are putting yourself and others on the road at risk of an accident.
  • Not having the right endorsements on your CDL. There are certain endorsements that must be on your CDL for you to legally drive that class of vehicle. These endorsements are determined by the weight of the vehicle and the type of CMV you are driving. For example, if you are the driver of a vehicle that carries passengers, you must have the (P) endorsement on your CDL to be compliant with the law.

An Oak Brook, IL CDL Violation Defense Attorney Can Help

Even though CDL holders are typically held to a higher standard than other drivers, it is important to realize that they make mistakes just like everyone else. It is also important to realize, however, that those mistakes could come at a higher cost. If you have been issued a ticket and you hold a CDL, you should get in touch with a DuPage County CDL violation defense lawyer. At Myers Law LLC, we can help you fight against any traffic ticket you may be facing so you can protect your CDL. To schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation, call our office today at 630-390-8563.


Common Mistakes New Truck Drivers Make (And How to Prevent Them)