Over a year ago, the Idaho state police seized over three tons of industrial hemp valued at roughly $1.3 million on its way from Oregon to Colorado for processing. The company that owned the hemp tried desperately to have the Federal Courts intervene and after a loss at the District Court level, the 9th Circuit also dealt them a blow by refusing to determine the issues based on Younger abstention as the state police had a case filed in state court. Following the 9th Circuit’s ruling the Federal Court stayed the matter pending the state court action. 

The Idaho state court responsible for ruling on the matter delivered an upsetting result for the cannabis industry last week siding with the State and finding that hemp is still a controlled substance under Idaho law and that it is a crime to possess the plant in Idaho. 

Thankfully, the issue may not be one that is recurring as in November, Idaho’s Governor signed an executive order allowing hemp shipments through Idaho

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