Divorce can be very challenging, both emotionally and legally. Most divorcing spouses disagree about at least one divorce issue and may need professional help to reach a resolution. If you and your spouse are planning to divorce and you are struggling to reach an agreement about spousal support, parental responsibilities, parenting time, property division, or any other divorce-related concern, divorce mediation may be right for you. The mediation process offers an opportunity for spouses to negotiate divorce issues without the stress and animosity associated with litigation and offers a host of other benefits.

What Does a Mediator Do?

Divorcing spouses may agree to go to mediation voluntarily or the court may require them to participate in mediation. A divorce mediator is a neutral third party who has been specially trained on how to help resolve conflict. The mediator will not side with either spouse or make decisions of behalf of the spouses. Instead, the mediator helps identify the divorce issues which remain unresolved and facilitate productive negotiation and conversation about those issues. Ending a marriage can cause spouses to experience intense feelings of disappointment or resentment. These emotions can sometimes get in the way of productive conversation and cause divorce-related discussions to turn into arguments. The mediator helps the spouses stay focused on finding solutions rather than giving into negative emotions.

Benefits of Mediation

If you and your spouse can resolve issues during mediation and avoid litigation, you could save considerable expense. Furthermore, the litigation process can make spouses feel like they must “win” the divorce. Mediation is a much more collaborative process. Spouses are much more likely to comply with the final divorce decree when the terms are a result of mediation instead of a judge’s decision. Parents often find mediation especially helpful because it can help reduce the chances of there being major disagreements about child-related issues in the future.

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