It can be difficult to know when to call it quits on your marriage, especially when you have put a great deal of time and energy into saving it. Shared children can further complicate matters. Often, parties look for a tell-tale sign, an unmistakable moment that forces them to accept the truth that divorce is inevitable. Unfortunately, such scenarios are rare. 

Instead, parties may spend weeks, months, and even years pondering their next steps – often denying themselves happiness during this confusing phase of their lives. Thankfully, you do not have to walk this path. Look at your current situation and discern whether these seven signs are present to determine if your marriage may already be on the path to divorce. 

You No Longer Argue 

While not all arguments are productive, couples need to resolve their disagreements and find common ground. Unfortunately, when parties cannot work things out, they may stop caring about the outcome. Arguments and disagreements may no longer be an issue, but there is distance and detachment. If your marriage has reached this point and you feel like you are all out of fight, you may only have two choices left: stay in a loveless marriage or call it quits. 

Winning is Everything 

Disagreements in a marriage may be normal and healthy, but when you only fight to win, you make your spouse the enemy. Such dynamics are not only hurtful to the other person, they slowly erode the intimacy and trust in a relationship. If you or your spouse seem to only point fingers and play the blame game when you argue, it may be time to split. 

Your Spouse is No Longer Your “Go-To” Person

Marriages are built on the sharing of intimate and personal moments. If your spouse is no longer the first person you turn to when something happens – good or bad – then there is already a disconnect. Over time, that can lead to loneliness in the marriage, which only further deepens the chasm between you.

You Have Negative Body Reactions to Your Spouse

The brain may be intellectual and concerned with the potential ramifications of splitting up, but your body knows when a threat or stressor is near – and it will respond in kind. You may feel tense as soon as they enter the room. Your heart may race whenever they call. You may even flinch or withdraw whenever they attempt to make physical contact. If you notice these signs and symptoms, your body may be trying to tell you the marriage is already over. 

Your Pronouns Have Changed 

In the early phases of marriage, couples often refer to everything they do as a “we” activity, possession, or aspiration. That is because they feel they are on the same path – together. Just as the body can be a tell-tale when things are ending, the changing of pronouns (going from we to I, me, or my) can be an early indication that you are already on the path to divorce – even if only in your head. 

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