Divorce can feel like the end, but in truth, it can be a new beginning. Maintain an optimistic outlook, focus on yourself, and you can thrive (not just survive) the grueling process. The following six tips, and the help of a competent divorce lawyer, can give you a running start. 

Let Go of the Guilt, Anger, and What-Ifs 

Guilt, regret, anger, and doubt can creep in shortly after you start the divorce process. You might wonder if things could have gone differently if only you or your spouse had made different choices. Unfortunately, actions cannot be undone and words cannot be unsaid. No one can go back, so rather than torment yourself over the past, work to let it all go and focus on your future.  

Focus on Your Strength and Magnificence 

In a relationship, people often tie their identity up in the other person. When the marriage fails, they may struggle to find their own selves again. Now is the time to focus on yourself. Find your strengths and marvel in them. See and celebrate your own magnificence – the things that make you unique. Learn to love who you are as an individual. 

Give Ten Minutes to Yourself Each Day 

Self-care is important while going through a divorce, especially in the early phases. Taking even just ten minutes for yourself can make a major difference in your mood and stress levels. Take a bath or go to the gym. Write out self-affirmations. Try yoga or meditation. Do something that helps you destress, process emotions, and recenter. 

Lighten Up and Have Fun

Divorce can mean added responsibilities – especially if you have children – and that can add to your stress levels. While you may not be able to escape your to-do list, you can attempt to have more fun. Plan events with your friends and children. Turn on some music and dance in your living room. Go to the park or the swimming pool. Escape the mundane, lighten up, and laugh. 

Find a New Purpose in Life 

Just as marriage might blur the lines of individuality and cause two people to see themselves as a single unit, it can skew your sense of purpose. You may become so wrapped up in your marriage, the kids, and your life together that you feel a lack of purpose once it all ends. Now is the time to find a new purpose in life, your own personal path. Rekindle an old passion. Try something you have always wanted to do but put off because it did not fit into your old life. 

Be Gentle with Yourself 

There is no time limit on grief; healing takes time, so be gentle with yourself as you work through the divorce process. If you lash out or yell at your spouse, call a time out and recenter. If you experience overwhelming depression or anger, know that it will pass and seek help. 

How Our Wheaton Divorce Lawyers Can Help

Divorce does not have to be tumultuous. The skilled and compassionate legal team at Davi Law Group, LLC can handle all of the complicated details of your case so that you can focus on healing and starting your new life. Schedule your personalized consultation with our DuPage County divorce attorneys by calling 630-580-6373 today. 



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