Despite common misconceptions, divorce does not have to be a contentious matter. In fact, it is entirely possible to effectively and amicably communicate with your spouse during your separation. Check out these tips, and discover how our seasoned divorce lawyers can assist you with the process, regardless of which divorce path you choose. 

1. Establish Boundaries and a Preferred Method of Communication

When it comes to communicating with your ex, you need boundaries and a plan. Set limits on topics (i.e. do not discuss why your marriage ended or your personal lives; focus instead on discussing the legal details of your separation and any child-related matters). Also, choose a method of communication that will allow you disengage, if necessary. Text, email, and phone calls are some of the most commonly used (and potentially the most effective). Avoid in-person conversations, if necessary. 

2. Focus on the Issues at Hand 

The need for avoiding unnecessary topics cannot be overstated; do not discuss matters related to your spouse’s personal life, the reasons for your divorce, or any other topic that is not pertinent to your divorce. To do so could jeopardize your goals of having an amicable, low-stress divorce. 

3. Take Your Time and Think Through Your Response 

It is possible to lose your composure with your spouse, even when discussing pertinent details. After all, divorces require you to explore a lot of sensitive subjects – money and asset division, time with the children, etc. Before you say something that could create or compound conflict, stop and think through your response. Take your time to respond. If communicating through email or text, read it over and check your message for tone. 

BONUS TIP: Mediate Your Divorce 

While there is no one “right” path to divorce, mediation tends to offer better odds for an amicable end to your marriage. Communication with your spouse is not direct, and the aim here is resolution, rather than winning. Additionally, parties are not locked into the mediation process, even if they pursue it first. You can still go through litigation if an agreement cannot be reached. 

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