WGN Highlights Indoor Skydiving Risks

News investigation featured our own Jim Coogan identifying legal issues for the recreational activity.

Originally airing on November 26, 2019 during the WGN News at 9, WGN reporter Meghan Dwyer profiled the safety risks of iFly Indoor Skydiving. The piece examined some of the injury risk facing participants in the skydiving simulator. As shown in the video attached to the article, the company simulates free falling with a grated floor over a giant fan. Participants step inside a glass tube that funnels the air upwards.

Consumers have reported several shoulder injuries resulting from the activity. One skydiver experienced a severe facial laceration as the result of a fall inside of the simulator.

Many legal questions surround injuries like those. The company requires consumers to sign a legal ‘waiver’ when they arrive at the facility. The form waives claims for injuries and lawsuits against iFly resulting from negligence. However, you should speak to a lawyer regarding your legal rights when you experience an injury–even if a waiver is involved.

Not every injury is covered by a waiver. And sometimes the actions of the company and its employees may render any such waiver moot and ineffective.

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