Ben Joravsky Show Podcast (11/2/19)

Jim Coogan Discusses Impeachment & The Law

Below is a link to a recent Bonus Edition of “The Ben Joravsky Show,” where Jim Coogan returns to the show answer Ben’s usual question: “How Is This Legal?” In this episode, Ben and Jim examine some of the legal arguments being put forth by the president’s lawyers outside of Impeachment.

They also discuss the rapidly-developing evidence of wrongdoing by President Trump and the Impeachment process. Jim answers important questions about the uncommon legal issues that arise when Congress exercises its unique authority over Impeachment. Specifically, he explains some of the risks and the features of Impeachment of a president.

Then, the discussion broadens to put the Impeachment in the context of the 2020 election. This includes an examination of Facebook’s role in electioneering and their policy regarding political advertising.

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