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DUI Defense Case Study – Lake County, Illinois

The case study detailed below is the recent story of our client who, after allegedly failing field sobriety tests, was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol by the Illinois State Police. Defense Attorney David Mennie, one of our experienced Lake County DUI attorneys, and a former prosecutor, was the lead attorney on this case.

Allegations against our Client: Our 46-year-old client rear-ended another vehicle. The Illinois State trooper arrived on the scene and stated that he observed a strong odor of alcohol, bloodshot eyes and that our client admitted to driving. Our client submitted to a preliminary breath test on the street, indicating a blood alcohol concentration of .20 and he was charged with DUI by the trooper. After his arrest, back at that station, he did not submit to any further chemical testing.

Trial Summary: Following the officer’s testimony at trial, he was cross examined by Mr. Mennie. The investigating officer had made several errors by not following proper procedure in conducting the standardized field sobriety tests at the scene of the arrest. In addition, he testified to making observations of our client that were not supported by the video evidence presented. The preliminary breath test taken on the street was not admissible as evidence at trial.

The judge ruled that the prosecution did not present sufficient evidence demonstrating that our client was under the influence of alcohol at the time he was driving.

Outcome: After a bench trial at the Waukegan Courthouse in Lake County, we were able to secure a finding of not guilty on the charge of DUI.

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