If you are facing a revocation or suspension of your driving privileges, or simply defending a minor driving offense, it is important that you obtain a copy of your Illinois driving abstract from the Secretary of State’s Office. The abstract provides a condensed record of your driving history.

You can do this by either visiting your nearest Secretary of State facility and paying a $12.00 fee to obtain a copy immediately or by mailing a copy of the following form, with the $12.00 fee to the following address: Secretary of State, Driver Analysis Section, 2701 S. Dirksen Parkway, Springfield, Illinois 62723. If you mail your request, expect a response in approximately ten business days. 

Once you receive your abstract, it may be a bit complicated to decipher, but with a little assistance from your attorney, you will be able to understand what the state’s computer records contain. 

To the very left of the abstract, you will find a column titled “Type Action”. Underneath there are some numbers. The meaning of the most commonly listed codes are provided below:   

Abstract Codes

01 – Mandatory Revocation (SR-22 Insurance Required)

02 – Discretionary Revocation (SR-22 Insurance Required)

03 – Discretionary Suspension

04 – Safety Responsibility Suspension

05 – Financial Responsibility Suspension

06 – Unsatisfied Judgment Suspension (SR-22 Insurance Required)

07 – Parking Ticket/Tollway Suspension

08 – Cancellation of License

09 – Failure to Appear Suspension

10 – Amended Order

11 – Record History Item

12 – Cited for Examination

13 – Signed Affidavit for Lost or Stolen License, Lieu of Bail, Etc.

14 – Collision Involving Property Damage

16 – Collision Involving Fatal Injury

17 – Statutory Summary Suspension

18 – Vehicle Emissions Suspension

19 – Collision Involving Personal Injury

20 – Rescind

22 – “Stop” Placed in File

27 – Illinois License Surrendered to Foreign State

28 – Reported Deceased

29 – Lieu of Bail Status Item

32 – Denial of Restricted Driving Permit

33 – Denial of License

34 – Extension of Revocation

35 – Extension of Suspension

37 – Extension of Statutory Summary Suspension

40 – Formal Hearing

41 – CDL Disqualification Hearing

43 – D.C.F.S. Approved Child Care Driver

45 – School Bus History Item

46 – Religious Organization Bus or Senior Citizen Transportation Driver

47 – F.R. Future Proof Required

48 – Public School Bus Driver or High School Driver Education Instructor

49 – Certification Safety Officer or Commercial Driver Training Instructor

50 – Informal Hearing Held

51 – Family Financial Responsibility History Item

52 – Show Cause Hearing… Recommended Action

53 – Show Cause Hearing… Recommended No Action

55 – Driver Remedial Program and/or Court Supervision

57 – Statutory Summary Suspension Item

58 – Vehicle Emissions Suspension History Item

60 – Warning Letter

61 – Address Change

65 – DL or ID Application Data

68 – Out-of-State Conviction (Record History Item Only)

70 – Family Responsibility Permit

71 – Probationary Permit, Temporary Instruction Permit or Temporary Driver’s License Seasonally Restricted CDL

72 – Parking Ticket Tollway Suspension Status Item

73 – Reinstatement Fee for Suspension

74 – Revoked Privileges Reinstated on this Date

78 – Restricted/Occupational Driving Permit

79 – Judicial Driving Permit

80 – Out-of-State Accident

81 – D.C.F.S. Child Care Driver Status Item

82 – Out-of-State Conviction (DL and/or CDL Sanctions Imposed)

83 – Out-of-State Conviction (Immediate Action)

84 – F.R. Future Proof Filings Completed

85 – Out-of-State Conviction (No Points Assigned)

87 – Out-of-State Conviction (Points Assigned)

89 – Out-of-State Withdrawal

91 – Convictions of Drivers Under Age 15 at Time of Arrest

93 – Immediate Action Conviction-Bond Forfeiture (No Points Assigned)

94 – Immediate Action Conviction (No Points Assigned)

95 – Conviction-Bond Forfeiture (No Points Assigned)

96 – Conviction (No Points Assigned)

97 – Conviction-Bond Forfeiture (Points Assigned)

99 – Conviction (Points Assigned)

AV – Failure to Pay Abandoned Vehicle Fines

CC – Certificate of Completion-Drivers Education

DN – Denial of License or Permit

DQ – Disqualification

EZ – Extension of Zero Tolerance Suspension

FE – Safety & Responsibility Fee Status Item

FP – Failure to Pay Court Imposed Fine/Penalty

FR – Family Financial Responsibility Suspension

IV – Invalidation of License or Permit

MC – Mandatory Insurance Conviction Suspension

NP – License Issued Valid Without Photo and/or Signature

OS – Out of Service

SC – Supervision Conviction (When Offense Committed in a CMV)

SD – Start/End Date of 3-Yr Period

SR – Sworn Report

ZT – Zero Tolerance Suspension

Your attorney will be able to explain what appears on your record and how that will affect the outcome of your current situation. 

Whether it is a simple speeding ticket or facing a loss of your license, you should take precautions to protect your driving record to the fullest extent possible. Consult with an experienced attorney to discuss your options. 

Marie Sarantakis is the Principal Attorney of Sarantakis Law Group, Ltd. Ms. Sarantakis concentrates her practice in family law. In addition to her work in the courtroom, she is versed in alternative methods of dispute resolution as a mediator and Fellow of the Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois. She was recently recognized by Super Lawyers as a Rising Star, named as one of the Top 10 Family Law Attorneys Under 40 in Illinois by the National Academy of Family Law Attorneys, and featured as a Fellow of the National Association of Distinguished Counsel. 

Ms. Sarantakis is active in the legal community and serves as Chair of the American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division Children & the Law Committee, an elected Assembly member and Young Lawyers Division Member of the Illinois State Bar Association, and on the Board of Governors of the West Suburban Bar Association. She also serves as a Young Professionals Board Member of Illinois Legal Aid Online and as an Associate Board Member of the Lawyers Assistance Program of Illinois.

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