The Illinois Supreme Court has amended Rule 767, which pertains to reinstatement petitions for lawyers who have been disbarred or suspended.

The changes go into effect Jan. 1, 2020.

The amended Rule clarifies what attorneys must include in a petition for reinstatement.

The amended Rule states that “[t]he petition shall set forth the date on which discipline was imposed, the attorney’s intent to be reinstated to the roll of attorneys admitted to practice law in this State, and a statement that the attorney has deposited $1500 with the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission to be applied against the costs of the reinstatement proceeding and that a receipt of payment is attached as required in paragraph (c). Also attached to the petition shall be an affidavit executed by the attorney stating that the attorney has provided or will provide to the Administrator the information required in Commission Rule 402 at the time the petition for reinstatement is served upon the Administrator.”