Being able to take your adopted child home for the first time is a special moment. The child gains a family and the parents finally get to experience the moment that they have been awaiting for months or even years. This day will be exciting for everyone, but it takes time and adequate preparation to get there. International adoptions require additional prep work when cultural differences are factored in. Not only do families have to abide by the adoptive country’s legal process, but they also have to travel to get their child. The following are tips to help you get prepared.

How Does the Legal Process Work?

It is practically impossible to explain the international adoption process for every country in one blog post. There is not a single process since each country has its own laws. If you are an American citizen adopting internationally, you will have to abide by three different sets of laws:

  • The laws of the child’s country of residence;
  • U.S. federal law; and
  • Your home state’s laws.

Each family will be required to have an in-home inspection, interviews, and submit various forms of paperwork regarding your personal background. Once the adoption process is underway, you will need to begin thinking about requesting documentation of your new child’s U.S. citizenship. This can include a Certificate of Citizenship or a Certificate of Naturalization from U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services.

What Should I Do Before Traveling?

One of the most important things that should be done before getting on the plane to meet your child is research. You should have significant knowledge of your child’s culture and customs. Not only will this make your child feel more comfortable, but it will also help you avoid making offensive or embarrassing cultural mistakes. If you do not know the country’s language, you should try to learn a few words to help you get around and make your child feel better. Bringing a few toys in your suitcase is also a good idea. This can help you connect with your child and keep them busy while you are stuck in the airport or on other means of transportation. Regardless of the culture, all children like to play. Just make sure the toys do not require the child to understand a language they do not know. Looking at other adoptive parents’ blogs is a good way to hear others’ experiences firsthand. Many blogs allow you to contact the writer, which could be used as another helpful resource.

Contact Our Lombard, IL, Adoption Attorneys

The best way to prepare for any adoption is by hiring an attorney to help you handle the legal process. A well-seasoned attorney will know the finer details of each country’s adoption process in order to make your adoption as seamless as possible. At A.Traub & Associates, we handle all types of adoption because we believe that every child should have a loving family. We have years of experience in all areas of family law and can assist your family wherever it is needed. If you are considering adopting a child, contact our DuPage County adoption attorneys at 630-426-0196 for help.


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