Kane County Sheriff Ron Hain has instituted a series of new inmate programs. Episode 667 (Duration 34:37)

The Kane County Jail’s new Diversion Program is making every effort to leave detainees better off than when they came into the jail.

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In This Episode…

“‘Go and get that bad guy’ is actually a bad way to look at our community.” — Sheriff Ron Hain

Sheriff Ron Hain

Ron Hain was elected Sheriff of Kane County in 2018.

As a deputy his number one focus was on gang and drug enforcement. Now, as Sheriff of Kane County, he’s tasked with managing the county jail system and must confront a complicated jail population.

How To Contact The Sheriff of Kane County

Sheriff Ron Hain
Kane County Sheriff’s Office
37W755 Route 38
St.Charles, Illinois 60175


“Can’t Miss” Moments:

✓ How “go and get that bad guy” mentality turned into something else. It was drug and gang arrests until the work transformed into a different meaning for Sheriff Hain.  (Go to 2:50)

Doing this over and over helped the Sheriff come to a new understanding about his role in law enforcement. Not everyone will react this way.   (Go to 4:08)

“These are not bad guys they’re people, there citizens. And those high crime neighborhoods are also low income neighborhoods. These are people who have never been giving an opportunity in their life. How did we expect them to turn out?”  (Go to 4:50)

The 3 categories of inmates that fill our jails. Understanding the reason people end up in jail is the first step to really helping them.  (Go to 5:25)

✓ 18 of the 122 corrections officers are specially trained certified officers that help triage and help identify this kind of inmate. The most important cog in the system isn’t even about providing onsite services. The real work begins with an appropriate “exit strategy”.  (Go to 7:37)

When it comes to this “10 is a soft number.” When it comes to assisting others what are your practical limits?   (Go to 9:10)

✓ Lane number 1 in the system overpopulates the jail with this kind of inmate. This is the cog in the entire system. Do noble work here and watch the crime rate plummet.  (Go to 9:40)

This type of inmate is 74 times more likely to die of an overdose upon release. Identifying these inmates is literally life saving information.  (Go to 10:04)

How a 30 person pilot program within a month ballooned to 54 people. The Sheriff won’t say “no” to people in need. You’ll learn all about it in the “Recovery Pod.”  (Go to 10:50)

✓ Here’s a common comment the Sheriff hears: “Hey I don’t want to pay for a criminal’s recovery and addiction programs; they should be paying for it.” Go here to see what the Sheriff says in response.   (Go to 11:38)

How the jailhouse commissary can be used to run down the crime rate…on the outside. No joke and it doesn’t cost Joe Tax Payer a dime.  (Go to 12:50)

✓ If inmates think they’ll take a few classes and get a shiny letter from the Sheriff they can give to the judge they got another thing common. The rubber hits the rode in these programs and no inmate is guaranteed placement.  (Go to 13:46)

A positive vibe, real life mentors, and better life skills can be seen in this Kane County Jail pod. Recently, they even started an online store that sells their own pressed shirts. Learn all about it here.  (Go to 14:50)

✓ One of the most successful inmates out of “Recovery Pod” runs his business in the jail. He’s not selling contraband either. It’s 100% legit and has the Sheriff’s blessing. The Sheriff’s Office is even prepared to help him when he gets to the outside.   (Go to 16:57)

What does female inmate recovery look like? There’s a mural in the Kane County Jail that only inmates can see. The Sheriff says he can look at it for hours. It was painted by the inmates of “female” pod. In many ways it captures the entire focus of the whole jail.  (Go to 18:20)

✓ What “soft skills” training looks like, and how it translates into opportunities for inmates who have historically lacked any meaningful opportunity. One of the most fun things that happens in this jail is a fair. It’s a different kind of fair than you are thinking.  (Go to 20:12)

What is the biggest push-back Sheriff Hain is getting? It’s coming from prosecutors and other police. How does the Sheriff (the keeper of 500 misdirected soles) respond to these critics? Go here to see what the Sheriff says. (He doesn’t mind losing friends over this.  What he minds most is something else.)  (Go to 24:40)

“You have to get it started to see what will work.” (Go to 26:50)

A phone call most defense attorneys never expect to receive. They won’t believe their clients when the client says the attorney is getting the call. Go here for a message to defense attorneys directly from Sheriff Hain. (Go to 30:36)

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