Jamie Mosser, candidate for Kane County State’s Attorney, stops by to provide an update on the new Illinois cannabis law and lets us know what’s happening with bail reform in Illinois. Episode 658 (Duration 26:11).

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In This Episode…

“What I want to do is take a strong office that we already have with some amazing people, and I just want to make it better.” — Jamie Mosser.

Attorney Jamie Mosser

Jaime Mosser is a former Kane County Assistant State’s Attorney. She’s now in private practice, and is a Democratic candidate for the head Kane County State’s Attorney.

Contact Information

Legal Office
Mosser & Eisenmenger Law, LLC
525 Tyler Rd Ste Q2
St. Charles, IL 60174
(630) 549-0364

Campaign Office
Mosser For Kane County

“Can’t Miss” Moments:

✓ Beginning January 1, 2020 Illinois will do away with all misdemeanor charges for possession of cannabis. However, there are some significant restrictions. (Go to 2:05) & (5:55)

The law makes it quite clear there is still a certain amount you cannot exceed or you risk facing felony drug possession charges. There are exceptions for possession of cannabis for medical purposes. (Go to 2:50)

✓ The distinction between decriminalization and full blown legalization still matters. It’s not accurate to say Illinois went full legalization. It’s not legal across the board.  (Go to 3:48)

The truth about cannabis decriminalization is revealed when you consider the raw logic behind the law. Minor possession is not crime anymore. Selling the stuff is a different story. The law has a pretty strict licensing requirement. (Go to 4:19)

✓ How Illinois is going to make money from all this. (Go to 5:28)

The list of things you still can’t do with cannabis runs deeper than just a prohibition against selling it. Jump to this time stamp for a detailed description provided by Jamie on everything else you can’t do with cannabis. (Go to 5:55)

✓ When police get a hint of the “smell of weed” that currently has significant legal ramifications for citizens. Jamie takes a stab and how things will change after the law takes effect…will things change?  (Go to 7:58)

Jamie asks: “What’s going to happen with the DUI’s?” Carol Stream Police Department is working with scientists to be the fist department in Illinois with this new type of machine. (Go to 9:33)

✓ Bail reform in Illinois is in effect and underway. How’s it going? We are suppose to be emptying out the jail system. How’s that going? (Go to 12:32)

The 7-Day Rule was created to act as a stop-gap against oppressive pretrial detention. Here’s how it works. (Go to 15:50)

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