Coming on the heels of stories in Philadelphia that 76 police officers were placed on leave for allegedly racial social media activities, Dallas announced last week that it was investigating 25 police officers who had allegedly posted or shared racist or other objectionable material on social media. 
News reports cite to a database published by an action group that catalogs thousands of racist or violent posts made by police officers in several states. Reportedly, five states are investigating police officers following release of this database. More than a thousand of the cataloged public posts were made by people identified as current and former Dallas police officers. 
Examples of a few of the following public posts by police officers that were cataloged by the action group:

It’s a good day for a choke hold

Death to Islam

If the Confederate flag is racist, then so is Black History Month

Statistics show that criminals commit less crimes after they’ve been shot

I’m proud to be white

Employee social media activities are increasingly coming under scrutiny, and as we have reported in the past, these activities do not need to be at the workplace or while on duty to subject an employee to discipline, and even termination.