Nursing Home Blames “Limited Resources” for Multiple Acts of Resident-on-Resident Violence

A facility located in Aurora, Colorado and operated by Renew, First Phoenix-Aurora of Wisconsin, and Peregrine Administration of Colorado is again at the center of a violent resident-on-resident legal case involving a 92-year-old resident who was found beaten by another individual who she shared the facility with. According to reports of the lawsuit, the woman with dementia was sitting in her wheelchair, in a hallway, when the assault occurred and now suffers from anxiety and other recurring medical complications. Attorneys are seeking more than $100,000 in damages for the injured woman and her family.

The victim was failed by staff and administrators who say they don’t have the resources to keep a known violent resident, who continues to harm others, away from those who live there. Many of Renew’s residents are living with Alzheimer’s and dementia and not able to speak up or acknowledge the abuse for themselves and remain dependent on others to keep them safe and protected from such abuse.

Although Renew Saddle Rock boasts itself for offering “an unrivaled level of service due to their dedication … and works with highly-trained experts and physicians in fields such as neuropsychology so that they can apply the best and most current medical approach to their provided care,” this is not its first case involving the same violent resident. Previously, in October 2018, a jury awarded a former patient of Renew Saddle Rock $3.6 million in a similar incident which began with the same violent person. In addition, this resident has also been accused of assaulting a third dementia patient.

Understaffing at Root of Most Troublesome Nursing Home Issues

According to the victim’s legal team, Renew regularly “staffs just one employee for as many as 28 dementia clients throughout evening and weekend shifts,” and the lawsuits alleges “the center doesn’t have the resources to report it in a timely manner.”

The nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys at Levin & Perconti believe this to be a case of another for-profit, private facility putting financial goals over residents’ safety and needs by intentionally understaffing the home. Many nursing homes use deceptive staffing tactics, such as “staffing up” to strengthen the data they submit to meet basic requirements and continue receiving resident funding through state and government agencies.

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