Webinar is Part of the “HR Talent Management & Employment Law Boot Camp” Series

On August 7, 2019 at 1:00 PM CST, Gary will be one of several featured speakers presenting “I Know What You Did Last Summer: Workplace Investigations,” a new webinar co-produced by Financial Poise and West LegalEdcenter™ .

In a release, Financial Poise™ describes the webinar as follows:

“Now, more than ever, employers must be prepared to promptly and effectively respond to complaints of workplace harassment and/or discrimination. Often, that requires knowing when and how to conduct an internal investigation. Given the significance of the issues often at stake and the potential for a negative outcome (attorneys’ fees, high dollar settlement, negative PR), learning on the fly is not a viable option when undertaking an investigation. This program covers a host of questions, including what sort of issues should be investigated, who should conduct the investigation, what steps should you take and in what order, who should be interviewed, what sort of documents should be created and how do you close out the investigation? It also explores the investigation process and provides guidance from a seasoned investigator as to how to handle the many issues that you will often confront during the course of an investigation.”

“The webinar is delivered in plain English, understandable to you even if you do not have a background on the subject. It brings you into an engaging, even sometimes humorous, conversation designed to entertain as it teaches.”

The webinar will be available on-demand after its premier. To learn more about the webinar, and to sign up, click here.

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Gary Savine is an Illinois employment lawyer and founder of Savine Employment Law, Ltd. in Chicago. Gary regularly advises human resources professionals on recently enacted employment laws.