Learn About Alzheimer’s Disease and Assisted Living Centers

The month of June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month. Alzheimer’s disease is not a normal part of the aging process and for the estimated 5.8 million Americans who have been diagnosed with the debilitating memory and behavior illness – life is not easy. As these people with one of the most common types of dementia grow older, 75 percent will become entirely dependent on someone else to care for them. Much of the time, this support will be found in a facility where residents are easily ignored, abused, neglected, or tragically lost in a wandering or elopement incident.

The Alzheimer’s Association reports there are close to 2 million cases of elder abuse incidences each year for dementia residents living in community settings such as assisted living centers, homes that operate much different than federal and state regulated nursing facilities. There are 291 assisted living centers identified by the Illinois Department of Health (IDPH) that provide care to those with Alzheimer’s or dementia in Illinois. Two of these facilities are Brookdale Senior Living Centers located at Brookdale Orland Park and Brookdale Urbana. Brookdale is one of the largest owners and operators of senior living facilities in the U.S. Owners of these types of large, financially driven organizations are often found guilty of putting profits over resident and patient care. Brookdale’s presence in Illinois is significant, as it was the focus of a 2018 New York Times feature on assisted living facilities and dementia and Alzheimer’s care.

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Common Injuries Suffered by Assisted Living Residents with Alzheimer’s

People who have Alzheimer’s disease require significant amounts of care to thrive, but unfortunately many will never receive the support and treatment they deserve because of an endemic lack of resources and funding, understaffing, and improper training of staff. These chronic issues can trigger injuries and sometimes even death resulting from:

Direct-care workers, such as aides and personal care attendants, provide most of the daily support to older adults battling Alzheimer’s. Staff may be responsible for bathing, feeding, medication administration, bathroom needs, dressing, housekeeping, food preparation, and other activities. These are all jobs workers feel can be too demanding due to support constraints created by administrators. When an assisted living resident battling Alzheimer’s disease suffers a serious injury or even death because they did not receive the care and support they deserve, families need to take action to hold these facilities and workers accountable.

Illinois Assisted Living Facility Abuse & Neglect Lawyers

For more than 20 years the Alzheimer’s lawyers at Levin & Perconti have helped people in Illinois and Chicago who are seeking answers about their rights when a loved one with Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia is seriously injured or killed in a hospital, nursing home, assisted living facility or when in a home healthcare services program. In Illinois, there is a time limit to file a case like this, so please contact us now for a free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.

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