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May 22, 2019 – Cannabis Legalization News

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VeedVerks Sponsors NASCAR

Travis Lippert fromm VeedVerks visited the Cannabis Legalization News channel to discuss his company’s sponsorship of NASCAR racer Carl Long – which marked his comeback to racing after being on the sidelines since 2009 from a record fine levied on his crew.

Carl Long had to remove the VeedVerks logo on his hood before racing. This came despite VeedVerks only offering CBD from 100% legal industrial hemp.  The removal of the VeedVerks sticker on the hood came in 2017, which was over a year before the 2018 Farm Bill completely legalized hemp.  However, Colorado had the industrial hemp pilot program from the 2014 Farm Bill – so it should have been fine.

Travis from VeedVerks explained a key point in the definition of industrial hemp – it only applies to Delta-9 THC, no other cannabinoids.  So the current popular cannabinoid of CBD may soon have new friends, like CBN, or THCv, or any of the 112 other cannabinoids that hemp can have. This raises the question of the types of different hemp seeds we will be seeing in the future.

2018 Farm Bill Legalized Hemp

CBD Hemp looks just like THC Marijuana

CBD Anecdotal Benefits Reported

Travis has been in business with VeedVerks for 4 years, and reminisced about the price of CBD declining from over $60,000 a kilo in 2016 down to about $7,000 today (or $3,500 if you are not looking for good quality).

The reason is that it appears – at least based on the testimonials from satisfied VeedVerks customers on its website. that CBD works for:

  • Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep
  • cancer – pancreatic especially.

VEEDVERKS – Colorado CBD Hemp Co.

CBD Found to Triple Pancreatic Cancer Survival Rates

We at Cannabis Industry Lawyers are not doctors, just lawyers – so we will give you the full link behind the heading about how CBD appears to triple survival rates for pancreatic cancer.

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