We’ll have more on this tomorrow, but for now, we wanted to post the opinion for you to read. The Judge found a likelihood of success on the merits as to some of MillerCoors’ allegations that Bud Light’s ad campaign was misleading and ordered a “limited” injunction – enjoining Anheuser from using the following language in its commercials, print advertisements and social media:

• Bud Light contains “100% less corn syrup”;

• Bud Light in direct reference to “no corn syrup” without any reference to “brewed with,” “made with” or “uses”;

• Miller Lite and/or Coors Light and “corn syrup” without including any reference to “brewed with,” “made with” or “uses”; and

• Describing “corn syrup” as an ingredient “in” the finished product.

The Court’s order noted that it specifically intended to include Anheuser’s display of the:

• “100% less corn syrup” billboards;

MillerCoors v Anheuser Busch Lawsuit photograph of Corn Syrup ad billboards l in complaint

• Second Thespians commercial; and

• Bud Light King commercial.

Here’s the opinion: