DUI Evaluation at the Skokie Courthouse

If you were arrested for DUI, not only is it important to secure representation by a qualified Illinois DUI lawyer, in almost all cases a drug and alcohol evaluation is required at some point. While the State of Illinois requires the evaluator be licensed and authorized by the State, each county can, and often does, have it’s own requirements. In Cook County DUI cases, evaluations must be conducted by CSI or Central State Institute, and for DUI cases appearing in the Skokie courthouse at 5600 Old Orchard Road.

Because the DUI drug and alcohol evaluation is not merely a urine test for substances, it is important that you discuss what to expect at the evaluation with your attorney, who should be able to explain the process clearly, how it might be used, and to clarify what you need to do before appearing for your DUI evaluation. Additionally, your attorney should be able to provide instructions for how and when (and whether) to schedule an evaluation, and to explain its purpose in the process of dealing with a DUI at the Skokie court. 

Please call the DUI attorneys at Fagan, Fagan & Davis to discuss how we can assist with defending your Illinois DUI at Skokie courthouse, we appear there for court regularly.