We are all so immensely proud of our Law Clerks – Caro and Alex – who not only devoted a week of their Winter Break volunteering at the family immigration detention center in Dilley, Texas, but they were also published in the American Immigration Lawyers Association’s Blog – Think Immigration.

“Our group met with hundreds of women at different stages of their asylum process. Some had just arrived from the perreras and hieleras, processing facilities where they were first detained and subjected to inhumane treatment. Some were separated from their adult children and needed help locating them to link their cases. Some had only been at Dilley a few days while others had been stuck there for months with no release date in sight.”

“It was heartbreaking hearing these accounts, but frustration and anger were our driving forces. We were frustrated because we had to subject these women to discuss the most intimate and traumatic details of their lives, and then we were forced to explain that their traumas just “weren’t enough” under U.S. asylum law.”

Read more on their experience assisting detained mothers and children going through the asylum process.