Assisted-Living Resident Suffered Multiple Injuries Due to Inadequate Fall Prevention Care

One of the nation’s largest for-profit assisted-living providers in the country, SavaSeniorCare, operates Cheyenne Healthcare Center, a Wyoming care facility that recently settled a 2018 lawsuit alleging negligent care of a patient in 2015. The man claimed to have suffered multiple injuries from several falls and blamed an “inadequate level of staffing care and the facility not developing a comprehensive care plan that met his medical and physical needs.”

In addition, the lawsuit allegedly claimed the facility failed to notify the man’s family of his injuries and other medical issues that developed during his stay.

While some falls do happen in nursing homes and assisted-living centers, most should not. A comprehensive fall prevention plan should always be in place and under constant reevaluation of a resident or rehabilitation patient’s needs. While many facilities promise to offer planned recovery, careless or overworked staff may not be following transfer policies and fall prevention procedures. These negligent behaviors almost always create a negative outcome for the patient and their recovery. Residents who are a known fall risk are the most critical to observe and will require consistent and attentive care.

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SavaSeniorCare Owns Four Skilled Nursing Homes & Rehabilitation Centers in Illinois

SavaSeniorCare is a very large provider of skilled nursing, memory care, and rehabilitative services across the nation with about 200 facilities across 20 states. The for-profit agency owns and operates four health care facilities in Illinois as well.

  1. Nature Trail HealthCare Center

1001 South 34th Street

Mount Vernon, Illinois 62864

  1. Odin HealthCare Center

300 Green Street

Odin, Illinois 62870

  1. Westchester Health and Rehabilitation Center

2901 Wolf Road

Westchester, Illinois 60154

  1. Montebello HealthCare Center

1599 Keokuk Street

Hamilton, Illinois 62341

Not being able to prevent multiple falls is abhorrent neglect of an already vulnerable individual’s need of rehabilitative services. Neglect also opens the door to other incidences of heinous acts and even abuse, but also breaches the trust for an individual dependent on others for their restorative care.

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