Divorce rates have been high in United States for decades. This is not exactly a new phenomenon in society. There is, however, some recent data showing that millennials are having more of a tendency to stay together than previous generations.

Nonetheless, there are still lots of individuals getting divorced. As much as some may want it, divorce is something that is not going to ever go away. For various different reasons, couples decide that their marriage is not working and they end up calling it quits.

There are instances where parties have engaged in marital misconduct that has necessitated the divorce. There are other instances, however, where the parties have differences that are just not reconcilable.

No matter the reasons, some parties do not hire a lawyer, but they instead  negotiate their divorce on their own. This can be tough for many couples because if individuals were able to negotiate divorce terms by compromising, they might not be getting divorced in the first place.

There are also legal requirements that need to be met for a divorce to be completed. For example, pleadings have to be filed. Service has to be obtained. Settlement paperwork then has to be put together to the judge’s satisfaction. Lawyers learn how to accomplish all of this in law school and through prior courtroom experience.

The truth of the matter is that most are not able to get divorced on own. Even if they could, paperwork that is done put together correctly or unambiguously can cost individuals more financial and in hassle on the back-end.

For these reasons, most parties hire an attorney to negotiate and compete their divorce. Nonetheless, there are often a significant number of people who blame lawyers for divorce.

The thought is that lawyers advertise divorce and family law services. Many think that if divorce and family lawyers did not advertise their services, or did not offer these services, many would choose not to get divorced.

One has to ask whether this is a logical argument. In other words, is it logical to believe that people would not consider getting divorced if lawyers didn’t advertise divorce services? In other words, would individuals really stay in unhappy marriage if divorce services were not advertised? Or, if lawyers did not provide divorce services, would parties just not try to get divorced on their own?

The truth is that divorce is a reality in society. Marriages go wrong for all kinds of different reasons. Even if lawyers did not advertise divorce related services, or did not offer these services, individuals would still find their way to a lawyer’s office to get divorce or they would try to do it on their own. This is because many marriages are broken for whatever reason.

Further, one has to analogy what divorce lawyers do to oncologists — who are cancer doctors. Do oncologists cause cancer? Or do they simply help people get through a tough time in their life in the most painless manner possible? The reality is the latter is true.

The same is true for divorce lawyers. Divorce lawyers do not cause marriages to become so bad that the parties want a divorce. Instead, good divorce lawyers help people get through these difficult times in the most painless manner possible.

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