This holiday season, would you like to give a gift that will be used for good, replenished, and gifted again? Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) has a grant program with the capability to do just that.

Many people have been able to see how God is working through ADF, the nation’s largest organization of Christian lawyers, to support believers when legal problems arise.

One thing you may not know, however, is that ADF supports countless other lawyers and law firms across the country by providing grants and funding for cases that could take many years and resources to win, potentially without financial return, for the sake of protecting first amendment rights.

ADF has helped provide these financial resources to Mauck & Baker to make many of our legal battles for religious freedom possible along the way.

The mission of Mauck & Baker has always been to serve God through the law, and our attorneys see engaging the legal system as an effective way to advance the kingdom of heaven and defend God’s people against persecution. Many times, this oppression comes from the government in the form of free speech suppression or zoning restrictions. As a firm, we are dedicated to defending these types of cases even though litigation is often costly and can take several years to be resolved. Fortunately, Mauck & Baker has been able to defend many clients by utilizing the generous legal aid of ADF.

According to ADF’s website, “Since its launch in 1994, Alliance Defending Freedom has provided attorneys like you with more than $48 million through thousands of grant awards that have helped fund cases, amicus efforts, and advocacy-related projects across the United States and around the world. We recognize that without financial and other support, many matters ADF cares about will not be pursued.”

To date, Mauck & Baker has received ADF grants for 56 different cases and has been able to “recirculate” $445,000 of that money by giving these funds back to ADF after collecting legal fees from various municipalities that violated the rights of our clients. Most recently our firm was able to replenish $100,000 to this fund after battling the City of Chicago for eleven years on behalf of our client, World Outreach Conference Center.

So, would you like to give a gift that keeps on giving? Consider contributing to Alliance Defending Freedom so they may continue to support religious freedom.

You can donate to their grant fund here:

For more information about ADF’s grants and funding, visit

Posted on Mon, December 10, 2018 by Mauck Baker