“You break it, you buy it!” We’ve all seen that sign in stores, but have you ever wondered how the store proves YOU are the one responsible for damaged merchandise? Normally, the person breaking an item is the one that’s held accountable, and must pay for the damage. Having said this, it is critical to properly determine who is at fault when seeking compensation for injuries. Evidence needs to be presented in a clear and convincing manner, so that there is no question as to the cause of the incident.

In a car accident, one of the drivers usually receives a citation from the officer on the scene. This is a good starting point on how to prove who is at fault in a car wreck. Other common pieces of evidence used include:

  • Any written report by the police, which gives a detailed account of the events and usually concludes with noting which driver caused the accident.
  • Reliable eyewitness testimony. Hearing first hand from someone who saw the accident happen often times establishes who is at fault.
  • Pictures, even those snapped on your cell phone, of the damage to your property or person.
  • Physician notes, memorandum, and reports. Some injuries happen in such a way as to tell a story. A medical professional’s opinion can shed light on how an injury was caused and the likely sequence of events leading up to the accident that caused the injury.

No two car accidents are the same, but in every case you must show that your injury was directly caused by the accident. This takes skill and careful analysis of the facts. Once you have all the evidence, it is critical to put the pieces together in a way that is easily understood and leads to the conclusion that the injuries you suffer were caused by the accident.

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