During the holiday season, divorce filings can decrease. Many are unwilling to commence divorce proceedings during this time. Many are also giving their marriages one last shot.

This line of thinking certainly makes a lot of sense. It is not in spirit of “peace on earth, goodwill to men” to be initiating a divorce during Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza and New Year.

However, after the these holidays pass, divorce filings can begin to rise. Many do not feel the need to wait any longer. Many also tried one last time to improve their marriage, but it did not work out.

This is why January divorce filings can often take place. Parties are simply not willing to wait any longer. They might have tried counseling and reconciliation to no avail.

After January passes, spring divorce filings can often be the time when the numbers really increase. At that point, many are willing for that new beginning and fresh start. They have also moved long past the holiday season. Thus, an increase in divorce filings can stretch through the spring into the month of May.

With tax refunds being received, many also have the funds needed to commence a divorce. Whether or not this is the ideal way to spend that tax refund, many decide that it is what they have to do because they will have the money at that time.

Many are surprised at the seasonal boom in the divorce industry after the holiday season. However, if many step back and think about it, the fact that divorce filings take place after the winter holidays makes a lot of sense.

Most parties are just not interested in starting a divorce during the month of December. But once December passes, many are looking for that fresh start and they have the funds to proceed with a divorce.

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