How many pastors expect to be involved in a lawsuit or legal battle when they plant a church or simply go about their ministry?

Unfortunately, there have been increasingly numerous cases of churches’ religious liberties being restricted, threatened, and even targeted by municipalities, local governments, and individuals. This has created a strong need for Christian legal counsel to band together in defense of faith communities and their religious rights.

In 2017, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) launched an initiative to unite lawyers with the common goal of protecting churches in their legal needs and defending religious freedom when the need arises.

Mauck & Baker has been defending churches for several years, and has decided to join the ADF Church Alliance to bring more unity to the body of Christ in fighting for religious freedom.

According to John Mauck, “Believers are more effectual when working together.”

So how does it work?

According to, the three main goals of this program are as follows:

To Engage – Prepare churches for the cultural and legal issues of the day

To Empower – Get legal advice, document review, and a wide array of legal resources

To Protect – Gain direct access to legal advocates with experience at all levels of the judicial system

Many churches simply cannot afford to hire private legal aid on their own. That is why the ADF Church Alliance aims to provide affordable plans based on a church’s congregation size and budget.

What does this mean for you and your church?

For churches, it is becoming a matter of “when” not “if” they will encounter legal troubles. The ADF Church Alliance is a great resource we recommend for churches to be prepared.

You can apply online at

Mauck & Baker will continue to serve churches in litigation and other legal needs. In addition, there are many legal services not covered by the ADF Church Alliance that Mauck & Baker will continue to provide for its clients including, but not limited to, church law, church splits, 501(c)(3) applications, contracts, and more. Contact us at or call us at 312-726-1243 for more info.

Mauck & Baker is also still offering its Church Legal Checklist/Audit for free. Go to to download your free copy.

Posted on Thu, October 4, 2018 by Mauck & Baker