Boo! Halloween is upon us and as you pick out your costumes and carve your pumpkins, remember to keep safety in mind this Halloween season.

If you have young children you’ve probably already realized that many Halloween costumes are cheaply made. While good for the pocketbook, these cheap costumes can be more likely to catch fire when exposed to an open flame. Add in a couple of glowing jack-o-lanterns and eager children running through yards and it’s easy to come in contact with flames. When shopping for costumes it’d be helpful to look for “flame-retardant” material, which means they hinder the spread of fire.  

Also, if you’re handing out candy to little ones, consider using battery-operated candles. Be aware that dry corn stalks and hay can also pose a fire hazard. Take caution when decorating to avoid unwanted accidents in or around your home.

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