How can there be such a thing as Christian attorneys? We get that question a lot. If you read our monthly newsletters you already know that we are not subtle about our faith or our effort to serve churches and ministries. We even unapologetically named our podcast Lawyers for Jesus. But that is just part of what makes us different. We strongly believe that we are meant to use our legal skills for the good of Messiah’s Kingdom. We are dedicated to helping churches and ministries preserve the freedom to serve God and their neighbors. 

There are many publicly funded law firms out there that ask for donations so that they can serve their clients. Our business model functions on prayer and referrals. We don’t ask for donations, but choose instead to be a company that relies on your word of mouth, your prayers, and your sharing of our newsletter with others who may be interested in our firm or in need of our legal services. We are grateful for your support and will continue to covet your prayers for our cases and clients.

We partner with Alliance Defending Freedom to defend pro-life nurses like Sandra Mendoza Rojas and represent former gang members saved by grace like the Juarez brothers. We are also members of the Christian Legal Society, an association that is dedicated to serving Jesus through the practice of law and unites Christian lawyers in that vision. You can learn more about us on our website. We want to be a resource to our brothers and sisters in their legal need. We have experience in a variety of legal areas, but would refer you to a Christian attorney if we cannot assist you. Help our ministry by referring your family, church, or business mentors to us.

  • Church Zoning and Religious Land Use
  • Civil Liberties and Litigation
  • Nonprofit and Corporate Administration
  • Contracts and Transactions
  • Estate Planning and Probate
  • Adoption
  • Real Estate