On March 20, 2018, the Supreme Court of the United States will hear oral arguments in an important case about whether pro-life pregnancy centers can be forced to advertise abortion information. A case out of California, these pregnancy centers are being targeted for their commitment to protecting life and providing low-cost pregnancy support services to women. Mauck & Baker attorney Noel Sterett will be attending the oral argument in Washington, DC. Please join us in praying for this important free speech issue by adding these items to your prayer list:

  • Pray for the nine Supreme Court Justices that will hear the case—that they would see the targeted speech issue.
  • Pray for Michael Farris, legal counsel for National Institute of Family and Life Advocates, who will be presenting their oral argument.
  • Pray for the executive directors of these pregnancy centers, that they would feel empowered and be blessed by this opportunity to raise their voices on this issue.
  • Pray for the women that walk through the doors of these pro-life centers and the precious life those women carry.
  • Pray for Alliance Defending Freedom and the success of this case—we are thankful that such an organization has been commissioned with this case and defend the right for pregnancy centers to serve and protect unborn lives.

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