When’s the last time you read the document which birthed this great nation, the Declaration of Independence? Far too many Americans go their entire lives without bothering to even read the country’s founding documents or haven’t read them since grade school. And in many school districts today, the Declaration of Independence and Constitution are entirely left out of the curriculum. Thankfully, David Shestokas, a Chicago attorney and scholar, saw this problem and decided to do something about it. In his books Creating the Declaration of Independence and Constitutional Sound Bites, Shestokas enlivens these texts by bringing to life the people and principles behind them. In Creating the Declaration of Independence, you will discover the importance of lesser known men like Richard Henry Lee and see more famous men like Thomas Jefferson in a new light.

This Fourth of July, I’d encourage you all to take a short time and read Creating the Declaration of Independence by David Shestokas, and perhaps you will see why more than 100 countries in the world today came into being with the issuance of a document whose heritage can be traced to the Declaration of Independence.

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